Another EUR 3 million in tender from Panovska to Panovski, says Miteva


Instead of a source of medicine and saving lives, Healthcare in Macedonia has become a source of dubious tenders, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva pointed out at a press conference on Monday.

Businesses worth millions and the favoring of family firms is not a novelty for this government, and in the health sector, unfortunately, it may be the most pronounced. Miteva says the so-called annual practice from the hematology clinic where the director is Irena Panovska Stavridis to give a tender to the wholesaler Dr. Panovski where her father is the owner.

“A tender worth over 3 million euros! This is the agreement that was concluded on September 1, 2023 for the procurement of goods concluded between PHI UC for Hematology as the contracting authority and AD Dr. Panovski as the holder of the procurement. Several things can be noted from the documentation. First, it is a question of a single bidder, that is, the father’s company was the only bidder in this tender, while the daughter is the director of the clinic that publishes the advertisement. In addition, when concluding the contract, the hematology clinic is represented by the deputy chairman of the Board of Directors, who in turn is authorized by a decision to be able to conclude a contract, and the decision to select the most favorable bidder was made by the director of the contracting authority, i.e. the daughter chose the father as the most favorable bidder,” said Miteva.

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