Even if I were to meet Gruevski, I would have nothing to say to him, claims Jankulovska


The former Minister of Interior Gordana Jankuloska, in an interview for “360 Degrees” filmed during her last legally permitted leave from the Idrizovo penitentiary, where she has already spent three years of her four-year prison sentence for the “Tank” case, said that her last communication with former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski who fled to Hungary, it was a week before he left Macedonia.
She says she has no problem meeting anyone, but she doesn’t know if he would want to meet her, adding that even if she did, she wouldn’t have anything to talk about with him.
“I don’t know if Gruevski would be interested in meeting with me. I have no problem meeting with anyone, but my last communication with Gruevski was a week before he left Macedonia. Since then we have had absolutely no contact and I don’t see what we would discuss if we met. The fact is that he was a victim of political persecution, but that step he took, leaving the country, changed the dynamics and directly affected us, and that step, neither then nor now, I do not approve,” said Jankuloska.

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