Pendarovski is in favor of excluding abolition from the legal system, yet asks the president not to pardon without a final verdict


With regard to the proposal of the Pardon Law, in the drafting of which the representative of the president was involved, the commitment of President Stevo Pendarovski to exclude abolition in our legal system has finally been included, the President’s Office informed on Thursday.

“In other words, to disable the right of the head of state to pardon persons for whom investigation or court proceedings are ongoing, and there is no final verdict. In this way, it will be possible for the criminal courts to fully fulfill their basic function, which is to determine the guilt of the accused and to convict the guilty perpetrators of crimes in the appropriate procedure. In that way, it contributes to strengthening the independence of the judiciary and, in general, the functioning of the system of separation of powers and the rule of law,” reads the press release.

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