Websites require changes in three laws – Onlinemedia association proposes concrete solutions for legal regulation of online media


The association demands urgent changes in the Law on Media, in the Law on Copyright and Related Rights and in the Electoral Code in order to regulate the work of online media.

More recently, and more intensively in the last year, a group of thirty influential internet portals launched initiatives for the legal regulation of this segment of the media industry and for the promotion of self-regulation. The Association for the Protection and Promotion of Internet Media Onlinemedia was recently formed, with the ambition to strengthen and lead those initiatives.

To begin with, the Association requests immediate changes in three laws: in the Law on Media, in the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, and in the Electoral Code.

In addition, representatives of the Onlinemedia Association expressed their agreement that the Law on Media prescribes a procedure for the registration of Internet portals by an authorized state body, expressing full confidence that the government department will prepare and propose legal changes for this.

The law on the media, why would they not be in step with the EU member states at least in the necessary changes to the Law on copyright and related rights (from the aspect of the media)?, asked the association.

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