Prendzov tells Sugarev: When you became acting director of the HIF, did you talk to Den Donchev about Oncology?


MP LjupchoPrendzov from the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE asked several questions related to the work of the Health Insurance Fund (HIF), and in the context of the Oncology case, directed to Mile Sugarev, head of the financial affairs department and acting director of the Health Insurance Fund of North Macedonia, six months before Magdalena Grashkoska.

One of the questions to which Prendzov asked for a precise answer was: “When you came in 2020 as acting director of the HIF, did you do a handover with Den Donchev and did you talk to him about the Oncology Clinic? According to which acts and in what way did you distribute the funds for Oncology, especially the conditional budgets, who are the manufacturers and who are the distributors of the expensive biological drugs for which you approved funds, are you aware as a person and a director of the non-functioning of the health system in general with an emphasis on the Clinic for oncology?”, Prendzov asked the HIF head Sugarev.

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