DUI expands gambling business with state money


A new huge scandal involving the State Lottery, Ahmeti and Grubi is shaking the country, and the institutions are asleep, the police, the prosecution, the court are all asleep, so that the Government does not fall, the spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski told a press briefing Saturday.

“DUI’s State Lottery rented a building in Vizbegovo, Skopje and will pay over EUR 21,000 monthly rent for ten years! That is 252,000 per year, a total of 2,520,000. Also, for this year, the State Lottery has predicted almost a million euros, over 970,000 euros, for the lease and reconstruction of business space! Money must of course be secured where it ends up,” said Stoilkovski.

“The facility, rented by the Lottery, belongs to the company HAY DOOEL, founded on February 2 of this year, then on March 22, it buys a facility of almost 3000 square meters, in May it applies for a State Lottery tender in May, and on July 5 it receives a contract weighing 2.6 million euros,” added the opposition spokesperson.


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