Citizens think that Pendarovski does NOT deserve another term, shows CRPC poll


The majority of respondents to the survey conducted by CRPC and the Association for Journalism, Information, Communications and Marketing Services answered that the current President Stevo Pendarovski does not deserve another term. Or in numbers, 25% of those surveyed answered that Pendarovski does not deserve another presidential term, and 18% of those surveyed believe that Pendarovski deserves to receive this office once again.
Macedonians believe that Pendarovski deserves another term, and 11.5% of Albanians said that Pednarovski deserves to receive this position once again.
The research was conducted at the level of the entire territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, always taking into account the ethnic composition, the number of voters, gender, age, professional training, level of education and geographical distribution.
The research was conducted in the period from September 18 to 30, 2023, with a +-2.5% margin of error.

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