H. Five Macedonian nationals, including two children, waiting to be evacuated from Gaza


The Macedonian authorities are trying to evacuate five Macedonian nationals from the Gaza Strip – a married couple and a father with two children. The mother of the children, who is a Palestinian national, has been issued a visa, said the new Macedonian Ambassador to Tel Aviv, Shpend Sadiki, during the Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee’s hearing of newly appointed ambassadors on Tuesday.
“We do that every day. There were two – a married couple, and the latest number is five. A father and two small children. Part of the crisis headquarters is now focused on Gaza in an effort to get those five people out. What we cannot influence is the decision when the border will be opened. That decision depends on Egypt and partly on Israel. We are in daily communication with our charge d’affaires in Cairo, Elma, and with Machej in Tel Aviv, and with our citizens,” Sadiki said.

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