Feroinvest and Brako complain that IRL puts pressure on judges on the modular hospital trial


We inform the public that the IRL group continues its destructive behavior in order to cause damage to the companies FEROINVEST and BRAKO. The latest engagement of IRL members is to exert media pressure on the court in the case in which our company is suing the Ministry of Health and demanding that the state pay for the three outpatient clinics built in Skopje, in the only court case that the companies from our group have, reads the press release issued by the Feroinvest company on Saturday.
“An IRL person entered the court at the last hearing and demanded to record the trial, to make public details of the case, put pressure on the trial council and behaved in an already seen manner. We appreciate that the purpose of such activities is to be a public threat to the judges, so that they will not judge us according to justice in order to avoid becoming victims of cyber bullying and media lynching of the IRL, which this group carries out under the guise of journalism. What’s more, the IRL employees offer the Ministry extra-legal advice taken from their fake documentary, as in the past period they also visited the prosecutor’s offices to convince the prosecutors that they should open cases against BRAKO, which they themselves presented in the fake film,” adds the press release.

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