Abazi, Joveski and Kovachevskihave no reaction over the State Lottery scandal worth EUR 2.6 million, accuses opposition


Islam Abazi and LjubomirJovevski are still silent about the scandal with the renting of space by the State Lottery from the company HEJ, established a few months ago under extremely dubious conditions. This company is closely related to ArtanGrubi and the Zajas clan. The reason for the silence of the first people of the institutions of persecution is clear, one of them has half the DUI leadership around his neck, and the other is sitting on the Government’s lap, VMRO-DPMNE accused in a press release on Tuesday.

“That’s why they turn a blind eye to this textbook example of corruption and crime. The State Lottery, which is headed by the former head of ArtanGrubi’s cabinet, PrparimBajrami, rented office space for 21 thousand euros per month, or 2.6 million euros for ten years, from a company where one of the members of the Board of Directors of the State Lottery is employed,” said the largest opposition party.

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