Honorable SDSM members should not follow the anti-national policies of the current leadership, says Mickoski


There is no date for elections because there is some strange macho tactic in the Government partners, and on the other hand they are praying to God that those elections will never happen, because they are cowards. Basically, they are afraid to go to the elections and make calculations if they went to separate elections, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, HristijanMickoski, during the visit to the municipality of Lozovo within the “It is important! Changes depend on you” campaign.

“They think that they would have had a good result in the presidential elections, so the further away the parliamentary elections would have been, people would have gone on annual vacations and the turnout would have been lower, and in that way they would have achieved some kind of competitive result, which would then give them the opportunity to participate in the elections as the third-placed some kind of future government,” Mickoski pointed out.

The opposition leader added that this kind of calculation of the ruling SDSM will not be realized because they will experience a debacle in both the presidential and parliamentary elections. At the same time, he urged the honorable members of SDSM not to follow the destructive policies of the current SDSM leadership and not to be DUI’s servants, but to stand behind the people, because unification is needed to defeat anti-national policies.

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