Chulev: Corruption has metastasized in all institutions, starting with the Government, all relevant international reports show it as the biggest issue


Corruption is one of the biggest problems facing Macedonia. It is noted in all reports of the European Commission as the main obstacle along with organized crime for the progress of the country in European integration, said former Interior Minister Nakje Chulev in an interview with Alfa TV.
Chulev pointed out that before Macedonia is Kosovo and a large number of African countries, 85th place is terrible if you know that we were 20 or more places better.
He emphasized that corruption in the state has metastasized in all spheres of society and to the government and that the government has no will to deal with corruption.
“Here the question arises as to who controls the public prosecutors, has an investigation or procedure been carried out, or has a public prosecutor been convicted? The PPO decides on the course of the investigation and decides whether an investigation will sit in a drawer or whether an indictment will be filed. In the future, within the framework of the fight against corruption, which will be implemented by the new VMRO-DPMNE-led government, emphasis will also be placed on corruption within the PPO,” said Chulev.

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