Macedonians in Albania demand census extension, they say they were under pressure to declare themselves as Bulgarians


The Party of Macedonians in Albania demands that the Population Census in Albania be continued in Mala Prespa, i.e. in the parts where the Macedonian population resides.

The census in Albania ends on November 15, and in Mala Prespa it ended two weeks ago, says Vasil Sterjovski. He pointed out that several times they officially responded to Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Government of Albania.

“We pointed out all the pressures being exerted by Bulgaria and the fact that Albania gave free space for the Census to be conducted by Bulgaria, not Albania, and we reacted to all this. The Albanian Government is familiar, because we followed every day what was happening in the field and everything that came to us as information about pressure, threat, interference from the very structures of the Albanian state, be it the Bulgarian embassy in Albania, but also other structures that they work for Albania, to make the Macedonians register as Bulgarians,” said Sterjovski.



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