The hybrid regime, contrary to the Constitution and the law, condemned a MP for an opinion expressed in Parliament, their fear grows as their end approaches, says opposition


The hybrid regime in decline through the captured judiciary is trying to save itself from crimes and mitigate the great defeat that follows the elections. The Constitution and the laws have never been valid for this Government, and it has been confirmed once again that they are not valid for the judges who, under the pressure of the Government, must judge contrary to the Constitution and democratic principles, VMRO-DPMNE said on Monday.

For the first time in the history of political pluralism, contrary to the Constitution and the laws, an opposition MP has been convicted for expressing an opinion from the Parliament’s rostrum.

To make things even worse, the verdict for MP Brane Petrushevski comes at a time when Macedonia received the worst EC Report, in which the judiciary is practically rated as a unit without progress and without implementation even of past recommendations.

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