Levica: Edi Rama supports the Bulgarianization process of the Macedonians in Albania


On the 18th of September, the census in neighboring Albania began, through which the Government led by Edi Rama helps the Bulgarianization of Macedonians in several municipalities, as part of the common goals of the Sofia and Tirana platforms, said opposition party Levica on Monday.

“Macedonians residing inMala Prespa, Golo Brdo, Gora, as well as in other places point to constant pressure from Bulgaria to register as Bulgarians! Quite often, direct pressures are exerted by the Bulgarian ambassador in Tirana, which represents a gross violation of the Vienna Convention and interference in the internal affairs of a country. They are forcing them to declare that they are Bulgarians, under the threat that they will not receive passports, and their names will be published, with the aim of damaging their social reputation,” said the Levica party.

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