Prosecutor Ruskovska, who was the Government’s instrument, now has the chance to confess to all crimes, says opposition


Justice may be slow, but it always arrives. Regardless of the circumstances that today led to the end of Vilma Ruskovska’s career through dismissal from the position of public prosecutor, the fewer “Vilmas” there are, the better for justice, trust in the judiciary and citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Friday.
“In a situation where corruption is so large and unsanctioned, it is difficult to point out a fair and competent body that will objectively evaluate justice actors. It is entirely possible that this is the result of a “mafia showdown” in the judiciary, but the fact remains that Ruskovska received a well-deserved maximum demotion from the Council of Public Prosecutors.
Vilma Ruskovska will still have opportunities to speak up and confess all the crimes she committed and on whose orders she committed them,” said the largest opposition party.

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