It’s quite normal for the Macedonian national anthem to be played in Macedonia, says opposition leader


After the current inter-ethnic tensions with the installation of the cross on the Popova Shapka mountain, as well as the announcements by Albanian politicians about changing the national anthem and the Albanian national anthem in the municipalities with a dominant Albanian population, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski responded to a journalist’s question in a TV interview.
“There are no Albanian municipalities in Macedonia, there are only Macedonian municipalities. All those municipalities are Macedonian, and since we pay them, the citizens of Macedonia, and Macedonia is defined by three basic symbols: the flag, the anthem and the coat of arms. I don’t see anything controversial if the Macedonian anthem is being played in Macedonia,” Mickoski said.
Mickoski gave a comparison with the Turkish minorities in Germany or the Algerian minority in France. The opposition leader pointed out that it’s unacceptable to play the Albanian anthem in any municipality on the territory of the country.

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