If elections take place on May 8, Parliament to constitute by May 28, and Government by end of June 2024


The political parties represented in the Parliament need to reach a consensus on the possible election date within the framework of constitutional and legal deadlines. If May 8 is deemed acceptable for the second round of presidential and parliamentary elections, then the elections would be announced no later than February 28. The caretaker government should be formed by January 28, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said on Monday.

If the elections are on May 8 and in accordance with the constitutional and legal deadlines, the inauguration of the President of the country can be held on May 12, the constituent session of the Parliament would be held 20 days after the elections, that is, by May 28, and the new Government should be elected until the end of June 2024.

The Parliament, as Xhaferi said, is welcome to meet for a final agreement on the elections, but their activities and deadlines should also be taken into account.



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