Marija Janicheska appointed as new head of Operational Technical Agency (OTA)


At Monday’s session of Parliament, the MPs unanimously voted to appoint Marija Janicheska as the new director of the Operational Technical Agency (OTA).

Janicheska is a law graduate and former expert associate for general and joint affairs at the Operational Technical Agency. The proposal was determined unanimously, and today it received a two-thirds majority and Badinter’s support.

Twenty-one candidates applied for the job advertisement that was published about 30 days ago, and the five-year term of director Zoran Angelovski ended about a month ago.

OTA was established as an independent state body after the mass wiretapping scandal and the Report of the European Commission’s expert group headed by Priebe. With several legal amendments, UBK got a successor in ANB, which retained a large part of the competences, while the wiretapping equipment went to OTA.


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