ESM issues reaction to Aleksandar Nikoloski’s press conference


ESM condemns the insinuations that the deputy leader of the political party VMRO-DPMNE revealed to the public today, presenting partial and general data to the public from a document that is publicly available, reads the press release issued by the company on Sunday.

“The public procurement for the service of Hiring auxiliary machinery for the needs of the mining operation in PE Rudnici, TPP Bitola, Bulldozer – bulldozer with an engine power of min. 380 kW is a framework agreement, that is, the service will be used when necessary, in the volume and with the dynamics that will be necessary for the production process in the plant. In paragraph 4 of article 3 of the Contract for the mentioned public procurement, it is clearly and unequivocally stated that the scope and duration of the services are determined exclusively by the contracting authority – the corresponding services from TPP Bitola, depending on its needs. Pursuant to Article 4, point 1 of the Agreement, the holder of the purchase will perform the invoicing based on a properly maintained construction logbook and construction book/record of working hours/quantities, signed by authorized representatives of both contracting parties and based on the duration of the effective engagement – ​​machine operation, recorded on a daily basis with reports. We remind the VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader that for the first time after two decades, the ESM acquired machinery for its own needs exactly in the last three years. With the public procurement of 2021, 36 pieces of new machinery for the needs of TPP Bitola were purchased for 17.5 million euros. The second public procurement of mechanization for the needs of AD ESM was realized in 2022, worth over 10 million euros. For the next year, another purchase of machinery is planned, which will be owned by AD ESM,” the company points out.


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