DS: Political responsibility for criminal groups in Macedonia


The Democratic Union (DS) political party expresses deepest condolences and regret for the tragedy that happened to the family of VanjaGjorchevska. DS demands a thorough investigation and clarification of all aspects related to the gruesome murder of VanjaGjorchevska, as well as the liquidation of PancheZhehovski.

“Through a thorough and comprehensive investigation, the action of the Ministry of Interior will be clarified. Otherwise, for the last few years, classic mafia organizations have been operating under the protection of the parties in power, which is why they have become untouchable. Known criminals are photographed with SDSM and DUI officials and are used in election activities. The nexus of politics and the mafia has made key state institutions passive, so the criminals have gone berserk and become untouchable,” said the DS.

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