State funds will be overflowing next year: But what will the money be spent on?


The two state funds, for health and pension insurance, will have larger budgets in 2024 compared to this year, reports

The Government is projecting an increase in contributions to the fund funds in the PIF and the HIF, but expenditures will also increase – for pensions, for social benefits.

The Budget of the Pension Insurance Fund is increasing by a fantastic 130 million euros in 2024. According to the new projections, next year this state fund will be able to spend 1,765,309,000 euros. On the income side, an increase in tax revenues is expected, with a more significant increase in social security contributions. But incomes from transfers and donations are also increasing, next year, according to these two bases, 598,200,000 euros are expected, which is 44,700,000 more than this year. From the Basic Budget alone, 569,805,200 euros will go to PIOM’s account next year, which is 62.3 million euros more than this year.

On the expenditure side, for the payment of social benefits dominated by pensions, 1,756,640,000 euros will be spent next year, which is 187,622,000 euros more than this year. In 2024, the number of employees in PIO is expected to remain the same as this year – 523, and the average monthly gross salary to increase to 846 euros. The total amount for salaries, allowances and contributions for the administration will increase to 5,309,000 euros.

1,357 are planned from the Central Budget for the payment of pensions next year. 700,000 which is 7.6% more compared to the current rebalanced Budget.

Next year, PIF expects 31,500 new pensioners, and the total number of pensioners will reach 333,170.

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