The country has borrowed almost EUR 4.8 billion in the past five years!


The website has analyzed how much money the country has borrowed in the past five years. The data is disappointing for this past crisis period, when it was more important where to find money than how much the country will spend. Thus, in the 2018-2022 period, according to the final accounts of the Ministry of Finance, the state borrowed almost 4.8 billion euros, of which the most, 1.55 billion euros, was spent in 2020, but a huge debt, of 1.32 billion euros, was also made in 2021.

In the coming period, huge sums of money will have to be paid back. In 2025, the state has to return 500 million euros for the 2018 Eurobond, and the same amount has to be returned in 2027 for this year’s loan. The state has to return 700 million euros each in 2026 and 2028, for the loans from 2020 and 2021.



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