EU negotiations have not started due to corruption and lack of rule of law, says Nikoloski


The VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski emphasized on Friday that the negotiations with the European Union have not started due to corruption and lack of rule of law.

“I feel proud that we managed to prevent the plan to pass constitutional amendments under Bulgarian dictation, because we did not accept that the Macedonian language is a dialect of Bulgarian, and I am proud that we exposed these bandits in power, for the simple reason that it is clear why they are not started negotiations, it is not Bulgaria, nor the constitutional amendments, but the problem with the rule of law. The last two days are the best proof. The EC presented 40 recommendations for reforms of the judicial system,” said the opposition high official.

“President Michel announced that Ukraine and Moldova will start EU membership negotiations, despite the opposition of Hungary and Austria, which is the best confirmation that several major capitals of European countries believe that Macedonia is not ready to start negotiations due to corruption and the rule of law, and if they are convinced that Macedonia deserves a start, they will solve the issue with Bulgaria in one afternoon,” said Nikoloski.

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