Mickoski: I welcome that the EU supports Ukraine, but I expect it to value Macedonia’s effort as well


We saw now at the last European Council that if there is political will, many attitudes can be different, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoskiin an interview with MRT 1 Monday evening.

“We are talking about principles, we are not talking about who attacked whom and how they attacked. I absolutely welcome the move that took place with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, because in this way the European Union shows and gives a signal that it stands behind its allies, friends and that it is absolutely determined to fight Russian aggression in Ukraine to the end,” Mickoski said.

“I think that it is an extremely brave step on the part of the European Union and I welcome it, but at the same time I expect these 23 years with many internal problems and divisions as a country that we have, but the fact is that as far as the commitment we had to European values ​​and what was required of us as a nation and as a country, we did much more than all the new EU members together,”Mickoski noted.

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