School principal that approved an Albanian class in Chashka rewarded with employment of her daughter in the Educational Inspectorate


While for more than a month, students from the elementary school “Todor Janev” in Chashka have been boycotting classes due to the illegal introduction of an Albanian language class in a populated area with only Macedonians, the reason for the servility of the acting principal Elena Nikolova, towards the competent educational authorities is coming to the surface.
Namely, for Nikolova’s obedience and loyalty, her daughter has recently been employed as an adviser to the director of the State Educational Inspectorate, Halit Feratov, who is now pushing the story of opening a class in Albanian, in a place where there is no logical justification.
Gjorgi Ilievski, a retired Senior Education Inspector, revealed details about the personal interests of principal Nikolova in an opinion piece for Netpress published on Friday.
“After the revocation of the credentials of the mayor of the municipality of Chaska from the “Todor Janev” elementary school in Chaska and the dismissal of the school’s principal, Minister Jeton Shaqiri appoints the class teacher Elena Nikolova as acting principal. She should execute all decisions at the request of the minister and the director of the State Educational Inspectorate, Halit Feratov, without the participation of the governing body (illegal), that is, more specifically, the school is left without a governing body. For this illegal and political act, the acting principal Elena Nikolova was rewarded with the employment of her daughter Teodora Matievikj in the State Educational Inspectorate-Advisor to the director Halit Feratov,” said Ilieski in his opinion piece.

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