LDP has lost its identity in the SDSM-DUI coalition, accuses opposition


I believe that the citizens are the only sovereign in this country, they are the ones who appoint and dismiss officials, noted the VMRO-DPMNE MP Ljupcho Prendzov on Saturday.
“The LDP advocated for open lists, one electoral unit and now for recalling mayors. The SDSM Government in the last 4 years, 3.5 years without your MPs cannot function and would have fallen. Why, if you were serious, did you not tell SDSM that these three demands are ours or you will not have a Government,” said Prendzov.
“It’s really a shame that for 6 and a half years as a party you manage the Ministry of Local Self-Government and you have not even once requested a change to the law on local self-governance, but you do it ten days before the end of the term,” said Prendzov.

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