Police officers from the “Tiger” special unit pointed a gun at a pregnant woman


A member of the police special forces of the Ministry of Interior pointed a gun at a pregnant woman, causing a physical fight in which there were also injuries, in a bar in the Skopje settlement of Belimbegovo on Saturday night.
As NetPress learned from sources in the Ministry of Interior, a police officer, a member of the “Tiger” special unit, pointed a gun at a pregnant woman and her friend in a restaurant. Unofficially, a certain Ivan M. is the member of the police special forces, who pointed the gun at the pregnant woman. The husband reacted to this, after which an incident occurred, and according to the police report obtained by NetPress, there were also several injured people. Unofficially, a police officer took part in the fight, who knew the attackers to be from the ”Tiger” special police unit and another person, allegedly called Steven, who was with him and the two women.

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