Nikoloski: Oncology case ended only with a preliminary investigation because it’s clear that it is going to the top


An investigation was not opened at all for the Oncology case, it ended in a preliminary investigation. It ended with a theatrical entry into the Clinic, a seizure of materials, and that was it, nothing else. It is necessary to get into the essence and see if what was supposed to be given to the patients was given, in what way it was given, how it was used, etc., pointed out VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader AleksandarNikoloski in an interview with Alfa TV.

Nikoloski added that the chairperson of the Inquiry Commission for the Oncology case, Rashela Mizrahi, prepared an extensive report which she presented at a press conference and in which she clearly located responsibility. But to this day, there is no information that anyone from the Prosecutor’s Office is interested in reviewing the case, which means that they want to cover up the matter.

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