Substandard settlements create invisible communities for mayors and municipalities


Almost every city in Macedonia has substandard settlements where the Roma population resides, according to the Shadow Report on the Implementation of the Strategy for the Roma conducted by the Institute for Research and Policy Analysis – Romalitiko.

The report identifies 15 substandard settlements, of which more than five are located in Skopje, in the municipalities of Gazi Baba, Karposh, Gjorche Petrov, Chair and Shuto Orizari.

“The settlements of Kjeramidnica, Brsjachka Buna, Kvantashki pazar, Zlokukjani, Topansko Pole and Luka Gerov are an integral part of the municipalities where the community settled, often recognized as living at the beginning of the settlement ‘where the asphalt ends,” the research shows.

“These substandard settlements have gained prominence in recent years, often as a result of public backlash over air pollution and illegal dumping, where city officials fine or forcibly demolish such neighborhoods. Substandard settlements create communities that are invisible to society,” said Albert Memeti, head of research.

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