Nikolov: SDS and DUI have been in power for 7 years, there is only corruption and nepotism in healthcare, they took us back decades


There is only one conclusion about healthcare in the last seven years, and that is “it has never been worse”. The government led by SDS and DUI has regressed the health system, especially public health, caused scandals, filled their pockets instead of infrastructure, and forgot about the citizens. Not only is there no progress in the department of what life means, but we also had a return to several decades ago, noted VMRO-DPMNE Health Committee president Igor Nikolov at a press briefing on Thursday.

“After seven years, they left behind only the degradation of the health system and staff that are demotivated by nepotistic, politicized employment, without criteria, and prepared only for staff close to the government. After 7 years, they left behind only the degradation of the health system, they forgot about the citizens and their needs for a modern health system,” added Nikolov.


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