Geer: The obligations in guaranteeing security of air navigation system are clear


When making appointments in public institutions, it is important to do this based on merit, meaning qualifications, skills, experience, and not based on affiliation to a party or personal connections. Regarding various claims on outside political influence, we call on authorities to look into them and act on results from those investigations, said European Union Ambassador David Geer on Wednesday.

Geer also emphasizes that there are obligations when it comes to air navigation and obligations to the European Union in terms of implementing those obligations.

“This includes guaranteeing the independence of the body responsible for air navigation, and the second relates to recruitment and hiring that legal issues are met and that human resources are used in a way that will guarantee the safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the Air Navigation Service itself,” Ambassador Geer replied to a journalist’s question at a press conference held at the Ministry of Defense on Wednesday.


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