SDSM and DUI’s power hides behind the platitude of the rule of law


Everywhere we turn in the country there is a broken system. The conditions in the Macedonian navigation are disturbances of the socio-political system, the conditions in healthcare are the same, the conditions in Oncology are a disturbance and so on. And what should be concluded and is visible is that no lesson is learned from it. Accountability in the state is very rare, especially when it comes to someone close to the government, especially DUI, said Nikola Micevski, opposition MP and coordinator of the VMRO-DPMNE MP group.

According to Micevski, the European Commission’s report clearly says about what is happening in the country and, as he says, “about all that I am talking about”. Micevski also referred to the misuse of the so-called EU flag procedure.

“The number of misuses of the EU flag is huge, and the number is constantly rising, it is an abuse of many laws that have no contact with the law of the European Union,” Micevski said.


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