DSR: Roma people will support VMRO-DPMNE and Hristijan Mickoski as the leader of the future government


In the past period, we have witnessed how the current government led by DUI and SDSM is doing everything to block the processes for the technical government, aware of the defeat it expects in the upcoming elections. In the public, we heard about some meetings that were supposed to seem “secret”, but in essence it was a trial balloon for the public about how that “European front” will be accepted, which aims to make the defeat of the SDSM as painless as possible, said The Democratic Forces of the Roma people (DSR).

“The current Government, by denying the Roma to be represented in the system of institutions, denied that there are Roma in Macedonia at all. We tell them that the time has passed when they could do something for the Roma and that they should become aware as soon as possible that they will be decisively defeated,” reads the Roma party’s press release.

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