Quarrelling within the Government: Minister Aliu blackmails PM Kovachevski by threatening to resign


The Minister of Information Society Azir Aliu from the ranks of the Alliance for Albanians threatens to resign if the set of laws on public administration, media and digitization with a so-called EU flag procedure does not pass in the Parliament before its dissolution.
As announced by the office of the minister in a staetement for TV Alfa, the reason for the threats is that the two largest parties in the Government, SDSM and DUI, refuse to put the laws on the Parliament agenda and to pass the set with the EU flag procedure, due to the abuse of which the Government was criticized by several EU representatives.
This refers to the laws on reform of public administration, laws on digitization and the law on media. Prime Minister Kovachevski allegedly assured the minister in a telephone conversation that on January 30 the set of laws will be on the Parliament’s agenda, but Aliu insists on giving him guarantees today.

A foreign embassy also became interested in the minister’s intentions to resign, to which Aliu openly complained that SDSM and DUI are not at all interested in the European agenda of the country, but only hide behind it, pushing their personal interests.

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