Jovan Mitreski takes over as new Parliament Speaker


At a handover ceremony in Parliament on Friday afternoon, Jovan Mitreski took over the post of Speaker of Parliament from outgoing Speaker Talat Xhaferi.

After the handover, the outgoing Speaker and current Prime Minister of the caretaker government Xhaferi, in a statement to the media, wished Mitreski health and successful work in the further course of the Parliament’s functioning. He emphasizes that he has no doubt that Mitreski will adequately respond to the function, the duty and the responsibility arising from the position.

The newly appointed Speaker Jovan Mitreski assessed the cooperation with Xhaferi as good and pointed out that after the events in April 2017, normal functioning of the legislature was enabled. Mitreski said that the Parliament service was also professionalized in the past period.

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