Elections in Macedonia to cost EUR 17 million


The head of the State Election Commission (SEC), Aleksandar Dashtevski, said that the upcoming elections would cost EUR 17 million. Even though he said the Commission had requested more funds, he believes the sum will be sufficient for a successful organization of elections.

In an interview for TV 21, Dashtevski stressed that a portion of the funds will be intended for the media, i.e., the parties, for electoral marketing. He said the largest opposition party would receive 40 percent of the share, while the largest ruling party would receive 45 percent.

In accordance with the law, 40 percent of funds go to the largest opposition party, 45 percent go to the largest ruling party, 7 percent to the parties who have their representatives in Parliament, and 3 percent to the other parties who do not have their representatives in Parliament.


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