Toshkovski: I’ll do everything in my power to relax the atmosphere in the collecting travel documents process


The maximum capacity, according to the initial information available to the new Minister of Interior, is 50,000 passports for one month, and up to this point, one million and 200 thousand passports have been issued with the new name, out of a total of about two million and 500 thousand, which should be are replaced. And this is the biggest problem, said Interior Minister Panche Toshkovski in an interview with “360 degrees” aired on MRT 1.

When asked for his opinion about changes to the law, especially for travel documents, because it is the most pressing issue with passports, Toshkovski says that this is where the capacity of the previous government, their incompetence, inaction was seen.

“I will do everything in my power to relax the atmosphere in the process of submitting a request and picking up travel documents, I will do everything for the citizens to feel dignified in this process, which should be the most normal. The team of people with whom I will work, from the first moment of my nomination, I have consulted the most, especially on this issue from an organizational point of view,” said Toshkovski.

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