Mucunski: Winner-with-winner principle was violated by DUI and it’s no longer valid, the desired coalition partners are the parties of the Albanian opposition


VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader and Aerodrom Mayor Timcho Mucunski told Sitel TV News that the principle of the winner in coalition with a winner does not apply to VMRO-DPMNE because it has already been violated by the DUI party in 2016, and that the desired coalition partners are the parties from the Albanian opposition, and the goal of VMRO-DPMNE is to reach over 61 MPs.

Mucunski pointed out that the polls also show that the parties from the Albanian opposition bloc are getting closer to DUI, and may even surpass it.

“The winner-with-winner principle was violated by DUI in 2016, meaning it should no longer apply. Our desired partner, and we say so publicly, is the coalition from the Albanian opposition. The polls of public opinion and those polls that we see internally and those that are published show that they are already getting closer with the rating, and maybe they will surpass DUI, but it is up to the citizens to decide what the result will be,” said Mucunski.

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