VMRO-DPMNE: The battle for Macedonia that Delchev won is an obligation for us to continue towards a prosperous and strong state


A VMRO-DPMNE delegation led by the deputy party leader Vlado Misajlovski, consisting of VMRO-DPMNE Executive Board member Marija Miteva, the head of the Legal Committee Panche Toshkovski and MP Velika Stojkova Serafimovska on Sunday laid fresh flowers on the grave of the Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delchev on the 152nd anniversary of his birth.

“Delchev is the apostle of the Macedonian revolutionary movement, a man who put his young life on the line for his homeland, for the freedom of Macedonia. Without Goce Delchev’s sacrifice, his commitment to the work of liberation and the seed he planted in 1903, neither 1944 nor 1991 would have existed. Macedonia is founded on the sacrifice of Goce Delchev and all his predecessors and comrades, as well as those who, inspired and guided by his work, continued the battle for Macedonia,” reads the press release of the main opposition party.


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