Delegation to visit Ankara and seek further information over Palevski extradition


A delegation led by Justice Minister Krenar Lloga is to visit Ankara on February 8 for meetings with Turkish officials, discussing among other the procedure for extradition of Ljupcho Palevski, the prime suspect in the murder of Vanja Gjorchevska and Panche Zhezhovski. In an interview with MIA, caretaker Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi said he didn’t want to prejudge whether the talks could speed up Palevski’s extradition, pointing out that direct communication was necessary to see what needs to be done further.
“I don’t want to assume which or what will be the content of the conversations there. But in any case, direct and personal communication is necessary to be there, in order to see what would be the procedures, what would have to be done additionally, eventually. That is why it is a personal communication and it was established within the framework of international cooperation with the respective fraternal institutions with which we cooperate and with which we respectively have bilateral communications agreements,” Xhaferi said in an interview with MIA.

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