IPIS: Crime, corruption and economy are the biggest issues Macedonia and its citizens are facing


Crime and corruption are the biggest issues that Macedonia is facing, according to the surveyed citizens from the measurement of public opinion conducted by the Institute for Political Research Skopje, which was presented on MRT‘s political show on Wednesday evening.

Citizens from electoral unit 2, when asked what is the biggest problem that Macedonia is facing, and which must be solved urgently, as many as 41.6 percent of the respondents answered that it is crime and corruption, 19.4 percent think that it is the economy and the standard of living , 6.4 percent that is unemployment. Then 6.3 percent of those surveyed believe that the biggest issue of the country is the quality of education, 5.8 percent responded that it is the high prices, and only 4.8 percent said that the problem that needs to be solved urgently is of a local nature, and about the problem with the Euro-Atlantic integrations and relations with neighbors were declared by less than 1 percent of citizens.

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