Andonovski: Illegal employment in PE Parks and Greenery – Arsovska should cancel the procedure, the director should be dismissed


From the data that has been systematized so far, more than 2,800 positions and jobs have been opened. It is problematic because it was made by a decision of the Government, which decides that it will transform people who were hired for a fixed period of time or with a contract of work into an indefinite one, but it does not do this by law, but does it on a public call. Practically, there are public calls to which people who already know that they will be accepted apply, which means that no other citizen has a chance to participate in that competitive process. Some of these procedures are completely illegal and so far we have reached a serious piece of information, some of the media also wrote about this, but now we already have documents, the additional deputy minister with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA), Stefan Andonovski said in an interview with, and disclosed documents, announced an audit, but also accountability.


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