Only 8 caregivers for 150 residents in the Kumanovo nursing home


Only eight caregivers take care of a total of 150 people housed in the “Zafir Saito” Nursing Home in Kumanovo. Due to partisan infighting in the government, they were left to their own devices, with insufficient staff to take care of them, because the people there deserve it. Today, for the first time in the past 5 years, a minister has entered the home to visit them.
Minister of Labor and Social Policy Gjoko Velkovski visited the Nursing Home on Monday, where he met the elderly people housed in this institution and talked with them. He personally pledged that the elderly were and will remain at the top of his agenda and that social policy in the future will be aimed at dignified and active life.
According to the home’s director Dejan Stojanovski, in the past period, the Nursing Home was the target of party fights by the current government.

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