VMRO-DPMNE files lawsuit against Spasovski for issuing personal documents whose term he knew would expire earlier, caused material damage to tens of thousands of citizens


VMRO-DPMNE filed a lawsuiton Thursday against Oliver Spasovski, who as a former interior minister is personally and directly responsible for the chaos with personal documents, noted VMRO-DPMNE official Igor Janushev.

“Oliver Spasovski, who, as I was saying, in his capacity as Minister of Interior, for a period of about 2 and a half years, issued personal documents that he knew and was aware that their validity would not last longer than what was stated in the documents, but they would cease to be valid on 12.02.2024. Namely, this period from 12.02.2019 until mid 2021, he knowingly and directly managing the Ministry of Interior, which in fact issues these documents, harmed tens of thousands of citizens. And that damage is both material and non-material damage. For two and a half years, he misled the Macedonian public, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, with his actions. After all, he is abusing his official position and powers, and negligent work in the service,” said Janushev.

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