Alliance for Albanians turmoil – both wings have scheduled congresses


The Alliance for Albanians party is facing turmoil. After Zijadin Sela’s wing scheduled a party congress on Saturday announcing the dismissal of party leader Taravari, who entered the presidential race on Thursday, Taravari was faster and scheduled his congress for Friday evening. The parallel congresses in the Alliance come after the split between Sela and Taravari, the reason being the leader’s decision to join the opposition in the Albanian ethnic bloc.

The current party leader, who until ten days ago claimed that he was not interested in the presidential candidacy, yesterday, when he accepted it, said that his supporters had changed his mind, adding that it is time for an Albanian president, but not a caretaker one as he said, but a real, full-term president.

Taravari’s entry into the presidential race heralds a fierce campaign, bearing in mind that it will probably drag DUI into it, where Bujar Osmani is mentioned as the most serious candidate for Taravari’s rival.


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