HIF refuses to provide funds for young Leonid Indov’s treatment


After the young Leonid was transported by a special helicopter to Vienna for treatment, the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) rejected his request for treatment abroad.

This information was shared on Tuesday by the deputy Ombudsman, Jovan Andonovski, saying that the state is playing with a young man’s life.

“After representatives of state institutions boasted that young Leonid was transported by specialized helicopter for treatment in Vienna, a shock follows for him and his family. Leonid has already been undergoing treatment in Vienna for several weeks. The Health Fund, despite the consular opinion that the person must be treated abroad, brings a decision rejecting the request! At the same time, the decision does not state at all which institution offers the necessary service, but only that the treatment is possible in Macedonia. The state plays with a human life. I request that the HIF reconsider the decision,” said Andonovski.

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