Up to 57 cases of whooping cough in Skopje so far


A total of 57 cases of whooping cough have been registered in Skopje this season, no cases of smallpox have been registered, these data are as of February 22, Doctor Lulzime Bajrami from the Center for Public Health told the media.

The Caretaker Deputy Minister, Maja Manoleva, confirmed Thursday that the interest in vaccination against pertussis, popularly known as whooping cough, has increased, after visiting the “Jane Sandanski” polyclinic in Skopje.

“The good news is that interest in vaccination has increased, and the numbers show that. For the period from 01.01-02.08.2024, there were 669 vaccinated preschool children, in the following period, that is from 02.09 – 02.21.2024, a total of 872 children were vaccinated. Also, 127 children were completely vaccinated with pertussis at school age in the period from 01.01-02.08.2024, and in the following period – 264 children,” Manoleva informed.

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