. Only way to normalize the chaos with travel documents is for SDSM and DUI MPs to pass the Law on Travel Documents, says Toshkovski


There is only one way to normalize the work as soon as tomorrow. Let the MPs from the ranks of DUI and SDSM take their seat in Parliament and vote for the amendment of the Law on travel documents and only then will it be possible to normalize the situation with issuing travel documents in Macedonia, says caretaker Interior Minister Panche Toshkovski, during an interview with the “Samo intervju” political show, again calling on the SDSM and DUI MPs to support the proposed legal amendments to the Law on Travel Documents which have already been submitted to the Parliament.

Toshkovski pointed out the concern of our international partners about the problem of travel documents, which were highlighted at the meeting held by the Travel Documents Committee of the European Commission.


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