Murder in Skopje – suspicions of blood revenge in the battles of the underground


An elderly man was shot in a car with an automatic weapon on the Gorno Blace – Dolno Blace road on Monday evening. The man died as a result to his injuries.
“At 6:10 p.m. the Skopje Interior Department reported that near the local road from Dolno to Gorno Blace, N.T. was found by his brother Z.T. (56) without signs of life, with gunshot wounds. Measures are being taken to clear up the case,” said the Ministry of Interior, referring to the initial information.
It was the father of Gani Tusha, who is in custody on suspicion of involvement in the double murder in the Shisha bar in Skopje’s Old Bazaar and in the murder of Halkidiki in Greece, when three of them were liquidated, two of whom were leaders of the so-called rival group Ducandjik/Grcec.
The war between the two Skopje criminal groups only last year resulted in at least 4 killed in clashes and ambushes in Skopje, Kosovo and Greece. The attacks on Shtekli in the East Gate Mall, as well as several murders committed in the previous 12 years, were also connected to the street gangster war. The motive for the shootings is the fight for the Skopje drug market.

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